Sunday, June 18, 2017

GIS 4048 Module 4 Natural Hazards: Hurricanes

During this weeks lab we looked at Hurricanes, specifically Hurricane Sandy , which made landfall near Atlantic City, NJ in October of 2012. For the lab we tasked to create two maps, one which showed the path of the hurricane from its beginning as a tropical depression  to its final phase as a post-tropical cyclone. This evolved creating marker symbols, using the Points to Line tool, and Graticules to our maps.
For the second map we needed to create a damage assessment map showing pre-storm aerial imagery and post-storm aerial imagery in order to determine the amount of damage caused by the storm within the study area , near Tom's River NJ. Some of the ArcGIS skills that were used in creating this map were the effects toolbar, creating attribute domains , and assigning domain properties and coded values. The final part was to used the aerial imagery to asses the damage and classify the structural damage that occurred in the wake of the storm.  Below are the two maps that I created for this lab.

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